E-Ink Calendar with a Raspberry Pi

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Raspberry E-Ink Calendar

The use case is quite simple: You have multiple calendars for private and business events, but you don’t want to check it all the time online. Of course the weather information and the news would also be nice to be shown.

In short:  It’s perfect for staying organised and keeping track of important details without having to check them up online each time.

What you’ll need:

In total I payed 98,62 €

Set Up the Raspberry

I will set up my Raspberry Pi Zero WH with a Windows Computer

  1. Download a Raspbian lite Image
  2. Burn the image via Etcher
  3. Create a file called SSH in the boot directory of the SC card
  4. Add your wifi credentials also in the boot directory called wpa_supplicant.conf
ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev


5. Eject the SD card from your computer and put it into the Raspberry Pi.

6. Start your Raspberry by connecting the power supply

7. Log in to your Raspberry via Putty
raspberrypi.local with Port 22
Default username: pi and password: raspberry

8. Change the hostname and password

sudo raspi-config

E-Ink Calendar

There is a great GitHub project called Inky-Calendar

The installation is done in a view simple clicks:

Expanding the file system

sudo raspi-config --expand-rootfs

Enable the SPI bus

sudo sed -i s/#dtparam=spi=on/dtparam=spi=on/ /boot/config.txt

Set the local time

sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

Install the actual package

bash -c "$(curl -sL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/aceisace/Inky-Calendar/Stable/Installer-with-debug.sh)"

Enter no „2“ to install the software

Use your own calendar, location and news

Simply download the Settings Generator from the project and open it in your browser.

The generated settings.py needs to be transferred to this directory: /home/pi/Inky-Calendar/Calendar

scp C:\Users\<name>\Downloads\settings.py mypi@pi:/home/pi/Inky-Calendar/Calendar

Or you can transfer it via SFTP using FileZilla

Start the Calendar when you start your Raspberry

Program for auto start configuration:

sudo apt install supervisor

And the Calendar:

sudo service supervisor start E-Paper

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