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University of Erfurt

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Screenshot: Website Uni Erfurt

Read an interview with me about the Go-Live on the website of the University of Erfurt.

Our vision was and is:

We want to work in a target group-oriented manner.

  • Information is organized and presented on the website in a way that is appropriate for the target group.
  • Functionalities that are more important for our target groups are given higher priority.

Usability should be simple and intuitive.

  • The content management system (Typo3) should be so simple that it is easy to understand and use with little or no introduction / training / instruction.

The support effort should be kept low.

  • Decentralized editorial offices should be greatly relieved in their work and during migration. Basic contents of the decentralized editorial offices should be derived automatically from other data sources if possible.
  • The website should be easy and intuitive to use.
  • The website should achieve 90 points in the short test for accessibility.
  • The website should function perfectly on PCs and touch devices.
  • The website should be responsive and adaptive!

We want to implement the project agile.

  • We want short and agile development that leads to fast and many integrations of new functions.
  • Through active exchange and collection of feedback, developments should be quickly and often synchronized between client and contractor.
  • We will keep communication channels short and enable fast decision making. The client will have a central contact person for the contractor.
  • We will focus priority and working time on the (partial) requirements that offer the highest value for our target groups.

We want to be safe.

  • The website should be secure.
  • Data protection, data security and privacy are important to us.
  • The GDPR should be respected in all stages of the project.

We want to remain technically up to date.

  • The website should be functionally up-to-date, and will therefore continue to develop over time.
  • An update of the website should be possible at any time with little effort.
  • We are striving for a “Continuous Relaunch”.

We want to promote the Open Source idea.

  • Software that is developed for us should be allowed to be published by the service provider after examination and release by the university.