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Matomo Bootcamp: From Setup to Advanced Analysis in One Course

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Now that the book “The Ultimate Guide to Matomo: Unleashing the Power of Cookieless Analytics” has been published, I would also like to offer a course.

A potential course program for Matomo, is as follows:

Introduction to Matomo

  • Setting up Matomo on a server or hosting platform
  • Adding the Matomo tracking code to a website
  • Overview of Matomo’s features and benefits

Setting up and configuring Matomo

  • Customizing the tracking code to collect specific data points
  • Setting up user permissions and roles to manage access to Matomo data
  • Protecting user privacy with Matomo’s data protection features

Cookieless tracking code

  • An overview of the advantages of cookieless tracking
  • Matomo’s cookie-free tracking setup
  • Considerations and restrictions regarding the use of cookieless tracking

Using Matomo to track website visitors and gather data

  • Recognizing the various types of data Matomo can collect
  • Creating goals and conversions to evaluate website performance
  • Modifying the tracking code to gather particular data points

Analyzing and interpreting the data collected by Matomo

  • Using the dashboard and reports in Matomo
  • Interpreting important metrics like the bounce rate, unique visitors, and pageviews
  • Utilizing data segmentation and filtering to drill down into specific visitor subsets

Customizing Matomo to fit your specific needs

  • Utilizing the Matomo APIs to programmatically access and export data
  • Adding plugins and custom code to Matomo for customization
  • Integrating Matomo with other tools and platforms

Measuring the success of advertising campaigns in Matomo

  • Implementing e-commerce tracking to monitor online transactions and sales
  • Monitoring the performance of advertising campaigns in Matomo
  • Optimizing advertising campaigns with Matomo

Using Matomo to improve the user experience on your website

  • Analyzing website user behavior and engagement
  • Determining areas that can be improved and optimized
  • Using Matomo to guide decisions about website design and development

Advanced features and techniques for using Matomo

  • Implementing advanced methods of tracking and analysis in Matomo
  • Tracking user actions and events with Matomo
  • Utilizing Matomo’s custom variables and dimensions

Matomo data in Google Locker Studio

  • Outline of Google Storage Studio and its highlights
  • Data import into Google Locker Studio from Matomo
  • Utilizing Google Locker Studio to evaluate Matomo data

Case studies and examples of how businesses and organizations are using Matomo effectively

  • True instances of how Matomo is being utilized to drive business achievement
  • Matomo best practices and advice for various industries and settings

Troubleshooting common issues and errors with Matomo

  • Errors and problems that frequently occur with Matomo
  • Methods and resources for resolving problems through troubleshooting

What do you think of the course? Would you book it or are you missing important content?

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Book Cover: The Ultimate Guide to Matomo: Unleashing the Power of Cookieless Analytics

My New Book: The Ultimate Guide to Matomo

I’ve always been fascinated by the power of data and the insights it can provide as a web analyst. I’ve used a variety of analytics tools over the years to learn more about how visitors to my clients’ websites behave. One device that I have come to depend on is Matomo, an open-source tool that offers a strong and adaptable option in contrast to additional notable instruments like Google Analytics.

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